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What a great time! Captain Greg met us at Echo Bay. We launched the boat and within 10 minutes we had fish in the boat. Before long he had found a good spot and we were pulling them in as fast as we could get the last one off the hook. At one point we had fish on all our lines at the same time. I can give my highest recommendation for this guide service. We totalled “only” 55 stripers for the trip because we were too worn out to fish any longer. The Captain was patient and showed us a few of the tricks to finding the fish as well as the types of lures that work. Thanks Captain Greg for an adventure my wife and I won’t soon forget. We’re already planning on another trip with Catain Greg. 5 out of 5 stars!


This May my wife, son and I fished with Greg. We had high winds the day before our trip and we met with Greg that day. We talked about what safety precautions we’d take and with any luck the wind would die down overnight. We did have a little wind on the morning of our trip, but nothing that kept the fish from biting. I can’t recall the number of striped bass we caught, but the largest was probably 6-7 pounds. The highlight catches were 3 huge smallmouth bass my wife caught trolling rattle trap lures. We’ve had the good fortune to fish around the West with some wonderful guides, but none were as gracious and entertaining as Greg. Our trip was great. Everything was top notch and you can bet that when we get back to Vegas we’ll book another trip.


I had a great time fishing with Captain Greg. I caught a bigger fish than Greg did! I am 7 yrs. old and Greg is my uncle. I live in California and I came to Las Vegas to spend a few days with Uncle Greg. We only went out on the boat fishing 2 days. On the 1st day I caught 22 fish! The 2nd day I caught 25 fish for a grand total of 47 fish in two days. I HAD SO MUCH FUN! I learned a lot from my Uncle Greg and I hope we can do it again. Uncle Greg is a great captain and has a good boat called “Tastes Like Chicken”!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!!!


I am a very avid fisherman that shore fishes often at Lake Mead. Just recently I met Capt. Greg Hess from a relative that met Greg. That is how quick the word gets around. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about fishing guides, and then my birthday came around in April. So Me and a friend of mine decided to charter a fishing trip with Greg Hess. I figured we would catch a couple of stripers but, MAN WE SURE CLEANED HOUSE THAT DAY!!! I can definitely say it was a birthday to remember. I also went out with Capt. Greg on another occasion and let me tell you about some fish catchin’ we were hitting boil after boil, and it was so crazy I really could not believe what was happening. I even caught a very nice large mouth about three LBS. with a rattle trap, who catches a large mouth trolling with a rattle trap!! All I can say is that if you want to fish, and fish in some exclusive spots where your possibilities are endless. I definitely suggest that you or anyone you know that likes fishing, HOOK UP WITH CAPT. GREG HESS!!!!!


Bear with me I’m a fisherman not a computer wiz. My name is Ted Waggoner and I’ve know Captain Greg for a long time, probably longer than we should both admit. When I hooked up with Captain, it was before he was a real Captain and he used to take me fishing here and there because my boat got stolen. I never did very well because I didn’t know where all the hot spots were at the lake.

After Captain Greg became a fully licensed and professional guide I went with him on many trips where we made great hauls (limits). I’ve always admired Captain Greg’s boat and skills. He is a first class act for a reasonable charge and he always puts me into the fishing action. That’s not to say we haven’t had slow days here or there, but 98% of the time I’ve been out with him as a fare he’s been able to “GIT ‘ER DONE”!!

If any fishermen or fisherwomen have any questions regarding the Skipper’s fishing equipment or skills, please don’t hesitate to call me and ask. I’ll get you an answer in 2 days or less. Leave a good number and your question @702-341-5510, if I don’t have and answer, we’ll get in touch with the Skipper and get your question answered.

Don’t just take my word for it because I’ve been there and done that, look at the photo gallery. A picture is worth a thousand words and I only have time for fishing, so that would be way too many words. As Always Captain Greg, THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT TIMES ON THE WATER !!


I am a pharmacist, definitely not a professional fisherman and most of my fishing trips to Lake Mead have been fruitless. I had my own boat for awhile and even that didn’t help; the only reason I ever ran out of bait was from chumming not from catching! I have had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Greg two times at Lake Mead and on both occasions I was not disappointed. I also fished with him in his pre-captain days at Eagle Valley and slaughtered the local rainbow trout. I never believed that anyone “limited out” on stripers on Lake Mead until I went fishing with the captain! Every time that I went with Captain Greg, I lost count of the fish I caught (but the Captain didn’t) I also caught the biggest fish that I ever have and it bent my pole to the water and ran the drag out merrily! For anyone that really wants to catch fish, I would whole-heartily recommend a charter with Captain Greg aboard “Tastes Like Chicken.”